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Matt Dibenedetto Finishes 9th at Daytona

by Ryan Ellis     on     Sunday, 26-Feb-2017

Photos from the #Daytona500 as Matt DiBenedetto Racing and Go Fas Racing achieve top-10 in their first race together.

After battling through wrecks all day, and even getting collected in one, the E.J. Wade Foundation Ford Performance team battled to finish in the 9th position. Fuel strategy by Crew Chief Gene Nead played out perfectly as we crossed the finish line with just one lap of fuel remaining while many other teams ran out coming to the start/finish line.

Matt raced hard all day, and was consistently in the top-20, as the field shuffled around in the draft. The E.J. Wade Foundation team thought their day might be coming to an end late in the race as the No.32 was caught up in a massive accident, but the team fought hard to get the car on track - and it paid dividends as Matt DiBenedetto Racing and the team earned a top-10 in the biggest race of the season - the Daytona 500.

Matt said, "That’s a heck of a way to start the year. Holy cow. We survived. We got in that one crash and we hit pretty hard. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be a long day,’ but the guys did a great job patching it up. It still ran fine. I had good speed. The motor ran great all day, so it was cool. We have the E.J. Wade Foundation on the car for the first time here and it’s awesome to get them a top-10 in their first outing, so it’s a great cause for what they do. I’m excited to be back racing and thankful to have a ride.

I’m so lucky to have my crew chief, Gene Nead, who came in and assembled some of the best guys we could possibly get, so we have some real quality people, some of the folks that were at BK with me. It’s amazing to have that tight of a group, where they are so dedicated to follow me and Gene wherever we go. That’s special. You don’t find that often, so we have such a great relationship and I think that’s where we’re gonna turn a lot of heads this year and surprise everybody. You’re only as good as the people around you and we have really good people. I’m fortunate to have them. We’re gonna turn some heads. We have 15 employees total versus some people who have 400-500, but we have 15 good, quality people and our goal is to overacheive all year."

What a week! We can't wait to get to Atlanta and represent the Can-Am Off-Road Kappa Riding team this weekend!